GPR scanning allows for a full graphical analysis of steel reinforcement within concrete structures.

Our scanning service means avoiding concealed objects, rebar and services when drilling or sawing.

On-site evaluation of scan data can be made easily with the generation of 3D images.

GPR scanning is suited for all construction sites and operations including building renovation, overpasses, monuments, bridges and tunnels, as well as a detailed comparison of the original design with the as-built structure.

Written survey reports including 3D pictures with locations are available for each project.


  • Location of reinforcing bars
  • Position of post tension cables
  • Slab/Asphalt delamination
  • Locating voids – slab thickness
  • 3D reconstruction survey of reinforcing steel
  • Safe drill collision avoidance
  • Location of cavities and conduits (including drainage pipes)
  • Position of electrical cables


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