In 1988, McCannics was asked to design and build a fibre drum packaging machine for Drum Packaging. This project would lead to packaging machines being developed and installed in Chile, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Ireland and the United States. More recently, McCannics has again completed fibre drum machinery installations for the American food industry.

Managing Director Robbie McCann started the business in 1981 servicing the farming community and the logging industry. During this time McCannics was given the opportunity to design and build a vast amount of purpose-built machinery for farming, forestry and the wine industries.

The company has grown since the early years with franchises for Enzed and Polaris, and in 2007 a construction division was added due to the high demand for earthquake strengthening of buildings and the creation of new builds. McCannics now stands as one of the industry leaders in New Zealand for specialised construction and engineering.

We pride ourselves on offering complete turnkey packages and feel that there are real advantages in the fact that we can carry out most aspects of the building process 'in house' rather than using sub-contractors.

McCannics has quantity surveyors, architects, structural engineers, builders, electricians, painters, roofers and various other tradesmen, all working together to ensure the client’s requirements are fulfilled and the project progresses seamlessly.